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Harper College

Geri Kale-Smith, MS, CMA, Program Coordinator (Medical Office Administration Programs 1200 W. Algonquin Road, Palatine, IL 60067 Office: 847.925.6444 FAX: 847.925.6047 Email: May 21,2008

Re: ISABEL REYNA To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Isabel Reyna Isabel graduated from the Health Insurance Billing Specialist Certificate Program at Harper College, May 2008. Isabel was a good student, maintaining quality grades throughout her time in the program. She is very conscientious, hard-working, and goal-oriented. Isabel also completed a 160-hour externship in a medical facility during the spring 2008 semester. She received an excellent evaluation from her externship site. Although I can only give Isabel an academic reference, I highly recommend her for the position she is seeking and feel she would be an asset to any facility. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if I can be of any further assistance.

Geri Kale-Smith, MS, CMA Coordinator, Medical Office Administration Programs Sincerely,

American Medical Billing


Communications                         Meets job requirements

Isabel displays effective verbal communications skills. She listens and comprehends well. She keeps others adequately informed.

Cooperation                                Meets job requirements

Isabel demonstrates and promotes cooperation when working in group situations. She usually establishes and maintains good working relationships. She exhibits tact and consideration in her relations with others. Her outlook is generally positive and her manner is pleasant. Isabel takes responsibility to help resolve conflicts.

Dependability                              Exceeds job requirements

Isabel shows remarkable skill in understanding instructions and responding to management directions. She is always on time, has an excellent attendance record, and can be depended upon to schedule time off in advance. She responds promptly and reliably to requests for service and assistance. Isabel assumes full responsibility for her own actions and outcomes. Her dedication to the job often exceeds normal expectations and she keeps her commitments without delay or follow up.

Initiative                                     Meets job requirements

When it comes to seeking increased responsibilities, Isabel does not place limits on the scope of her position. On her own initiative, she frequently undertakes self-development activities. She has a good sense of when she may need assistance and does not wait too long to ask for it. She volunteers to help others and she exercises a reasonable degree of risk taking in the performance of her work. Isabel looks for and takes advantage of opportunities.

Job Knowledge                              Meets job requirements

Isabel performs extremely well with very little, if any, supervision or assistance needed. She learns and applies new skills quickly. She does an excellent job of keeping herself updated about current developments in her field, Isabel demonstrates competency in the skills and knowledge required. She displays a good understanding of how her job relates to other jobs. She effectively uses the resources and tools available to her.

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Michelle Mussman

                                      STATE REPRESENTATIVE 56th District

                                        Illinois House of Representatives

April 15, 2013

Re: Reference for Isabel Reyna

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to serve as a reference for Ms. Isabel Reyna. As state Representative of the 56th district, I wanted to take a moment to offer reasons why I am happy to support Isabel. Isabel is an exemplary citizen, parent and volunteer in our community. Ms. Reyna has been an active volunteer in the local elementary school district, and has been attentive to the needs of community children. She is a person of good character and shows initiative and drive for the tasks at hand. I know she would be dedicated to providing her community with a service both she and her customers can be proud of.

Once again, I wish to convey a positive reference for Isabel Reyna. Should you require any further information regarding this issue please feel free to contact me at my Schaumburg office at (847) 923-9104 or at


Michelle Mussman

State Representative, 56th District